The Internal Committee for the Assignment and Recognition of Score (CIARP) reminds occasional professors and professors that the reception of applications for the process of additional points will be open between February 15 and March 1, 2021, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of Agreement 057 of 2003 of the Superior Council, Article 19 of Agreement 038 of 2002 of the Superior Council and Resolution 0637 of May 25, 2017, through the FOR003GDU format.

It is important to take into account the protocol disclosed for the receipt of applications through virtual tools, as well as to comply with the provisions of Resolution 0637 of 2017 “by which criteria, processes and procedures are adopted for the assignment and recognition of scores for academic productivity. and bonuses to teaching staff by CIARP-UPN and Resolution No. 268 of 2007 is repealed ”and the established and current formats published in the University’s processes and procedures manual, as well as consulting the CIARP information booklet.

In order to answer any doubts that may arise regarding the completion of the forms, procedures and regulations, two meeting slots will be arranged through virtual platforms in the following spaces:

In the same way, we make available the emails and as a means of contact in case of eventual concerns.

Download Applications for Additional Points Occasional Professors 2021

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